Technical services

for residents

A resident is the special place for each of us and this is the reason why we balance your wishes with our experience and we transform your resident into something special for you, and furthermore for your friends and visitors.

Technical services

for stores

Invest in your business, construct or renovate your store in order to fit your needs and business ability, matching a modern location. Let’s design together the functionality and practicality of your space…we are sure that the result is going to reward you.

Technical services

for offices

A modern space definitely upgrades your mood for work and creativity. Design with us an environment, which will increase yours as well as your co-worker’s productivity. Furthermore, do not forget that the first impression, is what makes the difference and wins the client’s- visitor’s attention!



Electric structures are the be-all and end-all of every space. We know best the new standards of electrical equipment. Forget sockets and extension leads, voltage drops and other unexpected interruptions, which will complicate your work. Please, contact us in order to study your needs and space for the necessary electrical structures and works. Our implementation is the key to your desired practicality and energy saving.

Plumbings, leaks, repairs

Leaks and blockings are something you will forget for many years.
Water is the most important good, and this is the reason why we will never deprive it from you! We choose to install the best and most suitable materials in order to achieve the best plumbing in your space.

Armoured doors,

doors and windows

Secure your home and make it impenetrable to burglars. Please contact us in order to get further information on doors, windows and the latest security locks in the market. You will only have to choose the design. Installation and security is left on us….just stay carefree forever.


study & construction

Whether it is about bathroom with shower or bathtub, design options are endless! We are able to transform your space, so that you will achieve everything you dreamed of, functionality and relaxation.

Insulations (Heat insulations, Roof waterproofing)

Protect your home from heat or cold and simultaneously save energy with the offered insulations by our company.

Tiles, marble,

Forged cement

Renew your home by choosing tiles or marble of excellent quality, that we will mount for you.

Kitchens, wardrobes, special constructions

Our knowhow and our professional team members ensure excellent work results, as well as outstanding design and construction of kitchens, wardrobes and other special constructions.

Any kind of Steel constructions

Whatever your needs are, from metal spindles for your garden up to folding screens for your balcony, we can manufacture it for you.

Alarm systems, security systems

Since criminality is rising, you need to feel protected and secure in your own home, by installing security and alarm systems, which will make you sleep peacefully at night.

Gas – Air-conditioning

Do you want to have the ideal temperature in all your rooms during all seasons of the year without caring about damages and problems? We install heating systems, air-conditioning or gas-systems in your home.


Install high quality plasterboards in order to make your home look special. It is not only a very attractive option for your home, but also one of the most affordable choices and easy to install and maintain as well.


Do you want to change the colour of your home or your working place? Please contact us in order to choose together the colours which match your personality but spaces as well.